Serenity's 10th Birthday!

Serenity's 10th Birthday!

Serenity’s Birthday Journaling


Serenity loved having all her friends over, and she said it was pretty darn crazy.  Even though she just had three friends and her two siblings, they had a blast!  Her theme for this year was Greek Mythology.  She adores the Percy Jackson books where he retells all the Greek Myths from his perspective.  They are hundreds of pages long and she has read and reread both from cover to cover!  For awhile this year, her favorite word was Hermera, the Greek goddess of the dawn.  She’d repeat it until it sounded completely silly.  Anyway, once we started brainstorming what to do at a Greek Mythology sleepover, we came up with lots of fun! Welcome to Cabin 6! In the Percy Jackson stories, that is Athena’s cabin.  The perfect cabin for these kids I think!


I found a Greek Mythology escape room on a teacher’s website that had great puzzles to solve. They got to read myths and use story clues that led them to different codes.  For each puzzle the kids solved, we had a different reward.  The first reward was getting to make costumes!  I had a bolt of muslin that everyone tied into their own version of Greek clothing, with gold ribbons for trim and headbands.  We also had supplies to make shields like Athena’s.  The final touch were gold and silver temporary tattoos.  They worked perfectly as armbands.  Maia and Serenity even put some on their feet like fancy sandals!  It was adorable!  We had a little photo session in front of the Parthenon backdrop =)

After the second clue, the girls got owls!  Every daughter and son of Athena needs their own owl friend =)  After the third clue, they made nests for them.  We had paper mache boxes, paint, gems, silk leaves, and fancy paper to make the cutest nests!  So much fun.  Donovan even made two nests!  Of course, I needed another photo session with the owls. 


The final clue earned them all matching pajamas, and a trip up to cabin 6 in the game room for their sleepover.  We made a giant cushion out of pillows under the dome for them to sleep in, and I created a big tree out of brown paper in the corner for their owls.  We also used some columns and a Welcome to Cabin 6 sign for the wall.  I think they had lots of fun!  They definitely stayed up very very late.  Serenity and Abby fell asleep first, then Kenzi, and finally Lillyan. 


They woke up in the morning to more owl donuts and scrambled eggs =) And of course, they got to fish from Poseidon's Treasures =)  

Serenity is Ten!

Serenity is Ten!

Donovan's Seventh Birthday!  Star Wars!

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